Kate Middleton – The Unfit Princess

willharrydiana asked:

Thank you for clicking my video. I have been a royal watcher for over 4 years. Increasing I find my self watching with great interest the life and work of her sons, particularly William and his choice of girl friend. And a quick search of Kate Middleton you tube will show there are 2 defined camps. Ones who like Kate and ones who dont. I will make it clear right now that do not have a great deal of confidence in Kate ability to handle royal life and duties Which is the question that all royal watchers should be asking them selves. Rather than compear her to diana as hello Magazine and the daily mail have done is very poor taste on many occassions such as – www.dailymail.co.uk This is just sick! www.hellomagazine.com The press has built Kates character up to such a ridiculous level to goodness that they cover up the more obvious facts that work against Kate in becoming a royal bride. I do not mean to say kate is a bad person after all she as done nothing wrong but I simply think she is not right for the postion of princess.

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